The modern and functional cellars extend over a covered surface area of over 1,000 m2. They comprise a vinification cellar, an area for refinement and a sector for the bottling, packaging and storage of the wines. The ageing cellar is instead located in the basement of the old farmhouse.

On the San Filippo estate naturalness and quality are fundamental concepts. The major commitment starts with the optimal selection at harvesting, estimated with extreme precision by means of analytic monitoring of the grapes themselves. The time between harvesting and crushing is extremely brief. Once the must is produced the fermentation begins within the first eight hours. The maceration continues for about eight days, during which time various operations of punching down and pumping over are performed.

Once the fermentation in stainless steel tanks is complete, the wine is transferred to large wooden casks where the malolactic fermentation takes place. After about forty days, the wine is decanted into barriques and oak casks where it is refined for several years. 

 After this long repose, the wine is collected into large casks and prepared for bottling and labelling with the year of vintage. A thousand days of loving care inside a single bottle result in a great emotion: the Brunello.

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